Q: How large of an airplane will fit on the stand?

A: The stand will hold airplanes from very small profile planes up to 35% models with ease, in fact, we have several customers who use this stand to work on their 42% models in the shop. This is a true rc airplane workstation designed to be used on virtually any sized rc model in the shop or at the field. It is also a terrific flight bench for all you 50CC and down guys at the field. We do not recommend it to be used as a flight bench (ie: starting your airplane) on anything above 50CC airplanes however for 50CC gas and down, we have many users who use it as their flight bench to both assemble and start their airplanes.

Q: How much weight will it hold?

A: The stand will hold up to 50 pounds with ease. The material is capable of much more weight than that and the wheels are rated at 80lbs per wheel. The trick here is the more weight you put on the stand, the tighter you want to secure the adjustment knobs at the pivot and slider points.

 Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We ship within one to two business days from receiving payment and depending where you are located it can take between 3 to 5 business days to get there. We ship UPS/ FedEx to your door and supply tracking numbers to every customer to keep and eye on its progress.

Q: If I break something on the stand, can I get it replaced?

A: Yes, all of our stands are Jig built and interchange with any batch of stands.All you need to do is contact us and we can get you the part or parts you need.

Q: If I want an Airplane and Heli stand, do I have to buy two separate stands?

A: No, if you purchase an airplane stand and wish to add the heli platform all you need to purchase is the platform itself. The platform costs an additional $40 and is a direct bolt on attachment in place of the arms on one end of the stand. If you should so desire, you can have two heli pads on the one airplane stand by simply removing the arms and replacing then with the pads. This takes less than a minute to change out.

 Q: Do I have to assemble the stand when I get it?

A: The stand comes completely assembled with the exception of the legs and wheels have been removed to allow for shipping. However, the legs have all been pre-installed prior to shipping so all you have to do is follow the very simple instructions supplied with the stand. Apply a small amount of wood glue to the ends, re-install the supplied wood screws and re-attach the wheels with the supplied knobs. Should take you less than 5 minutes to have the stand ready for use.

Q: How much is Shipping?

A: We ship all over the world and depending on where you are the prices will vary. However, if you are in the continental United States we have been fortunate enough to secure fixed shipping costs. If you are located East of the Mississippi, shipping is fixed at $30.00. If you are West of the Mississippi, shipping is $40.00.


We highly recommend that whenever using the stand to be sure you rest your model on a bulkhead or former. Never rest your model on the stringers especially with heavy aircraft. We recommend this even with small lighter airplanes as you will be surprised on how much downward pressure you are applying when working on the model.

Because the stand is made of wood it is subject to heat and humidity changes and as such will expand and contract. Also the stand is made to very tight tolerances and over time can wear very slightly. If you find the support arms slowly collapse under heavy weight simply tighten the four 9/16 nuts at the center of the main rail as this will help significantly.

All stands now come with a rubber washer between the Arms and Tee to help alleviate any movement from the Tee. Be sure to tighten the adjustment knobs securely and have the Tee vertical prior to placing heavy models on the stand.